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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is a live look at the eastern span with no commuters as we enter the first full day of the bridge closuring. good morning at 4:00, we are coming on early to keep you what is happening with the traffic. thanks for joining us. >> we are about to begin the first rush hour commute without the bay bridge shut down last night to make way for the new eastern span. that means a morning of detours
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and big traffic headaches with live team coverage going with matt keller. matt? >> we have several trucks picking up loads and of course they will deliver those to the bay bridge as they continue their work this morning. after the bridge was closed last night a heavy stream of equipment moved in moments after. crews will tear up the old approach to the bridge and grinding away the old pavement to make way if a new path for the toll paths. on opening day this will be two miles worth of rail to guide you while the old bridge is standing. >> they will put up 10,000' of rail to help control the flow of traffic on to and off of the bridge by the toll plaza and, also, headed into the tunnel westbound and out of the tunnel eastbound. >> the new span will need to be connected to land on the oakland side and to the island tunnel on the west side. the challenging project is
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demolition of the deck on the open side so the bicycle path can be connected. the closure has to do with grinding, paving, and striping which takes time to cure and drive. the new shoulders of the new bay bridge will be for emergency only. if you stop to enjoy the view the c.h.p. can give you a ticket . i am sure some folks will learn the hard way. >> it takes extra time to get to work this morning. >> leyla gulen has track. >> good morning, everyone. it is clear so far. a lot of folks will get to the roads earlier. that is the best advise because you want to beat the traffic. the san mateo bridge shows the main artery is at top speed. from hayward to foster city you
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clear. to the dumbarton that is clear. as is the nimitz, 880 northbound and southbound up to union city and toward oakland the entire stretch is moving along fine. the richmond-san rafael bridge is moving along at top speed as is the golden gate bridge. the toll plaza shows construction crews something we do not usually see. we will be highly anticipating the opening. now the weather. mike nicco? >> good morning, leyla gulen. we have cloud cover. it is going to be more widespread even with drizzle on the peninsula and the coast. there could be some mist in the clouds during the commute. the bay bridge from south beach shows not a single car. that is interesting.
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and 81 to 89 and temperatures are close to average and the clouds linger longer today. 72 to 81 around the bay and 63 at the coast and 69 in downtown san francisco. >> bart is stepping up the service to help get across the bay. trains are running around-the-clock 24 hours a day through labor day. 14 stations are open regular service hours and operating hourly on a two-route modified service with trains running between concord and san francisco international airport and another line going through dublin/pleasanton meeting at mcarthur station where you can transfer to the 14 stations open around-the-clock. a.c. transit is running extra buses for service to four east bay bart stations, west oak, the coliseum and north berkeley with additional ferries carrying 15 percent more passengers than usual on special schedules. we have details on the routes to
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get around the bridge closure at our weighs yap will -- our app will help you see where the worst bottlenecks are which are busier than usual. we are on the air, online and on the roads with real time traffic updates from the roads using cell 7 technology. abc7 news is on the move on the san mateo bridge which will be familiar for commuters for five difficulties. dick? >> eastbound on the bay bridge traffic is light and moving well. on highway 101 morning and southbound moving at the speed limit and traffic is light from south san francisco to the 101/ 92 interchange.
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>> thank you, dick. there is a convoy of trucks on interstate 580 during the compute hours with 6,000 truckloads of asphalt maybing the new bridge that could bring congestion to the roads. traffic will be monitored. the convoy of trucks can be rerouted if necessary. the asphalt trucks are diverted back to 880 overnight. >> despite the closure a bride and grandmother are moving ahead with plans to get married on treasure island and preparations are underway for the wedding planned months ago. treasure island weddings are a specialty with a million dollar view. the couple was shocked when they learned the bridge would be closed but caltran is providing access passes from treasure island to san francisco for the wedding party. we will bring you briefings from
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caltran two time as day at 3:00 on monday for the chain cutting ceremony and twitter followers know the moment the new bridge opens at abc7 news bay area. >> caltran is in the spirit of romance. >> now the traffic and how long the alternates take. >> so far, not much time. we have clear conditions. people will make it to the roads earlier. that is for sure. as we look at the alternates including the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge everything is at top speed as is the nimitz from the east bay to the peninsula to san francisco you are going to be in go shape. the dumbarton shows it is moving at top speed and we have a report of a stalled big rig along 101 to the golden gate bridge blocking one lane so you
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could see slow-and-go traffic but it moves along into san francisco and richmond-san rafael bridge is clear. good morning, everyone. when you step outside dress for 59 and everyone else is low-to-mid 60's at san francisco and oakland and concord at 62 and 65 at mountain view and los gatos at 64 and of 66 in antioch. the temperatures are from one to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. here is the roof camera, the next 12 hours we have upper 50 through mid-60's with mist and drizzle and dry by noon at 66 to 78 and by 4:00, 66 at the coast and 86 inland and in the evening, 62 and cool at the coast at 76 inland.
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>> the obama administration says that syria has to be punished for using chemical weapons against its people and the meetings today in washington, dc, that could set a timetable for a military strike. >> this is, on the left, the new eastern span of the bay bridge and on the right in the dark the old span as the work begins to connect the new and old. >> are you feeling nostalgic for the old bay bridge? an oakland business has a way to keep
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, drivers who usually go east and west across the bay will see this. this is highway 101 southbound if marin county this is the route i took this morning, a
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beautiful trip with the fog near the waldo tunnel. >> we want to take you elsewhere on the bay bridge closure, the first day, and dick has been driving around using cell technology to she us the conditions the this is the san mateo bridge eastbound. dick, you have passed the toll area and it looks like there are quite a number of headlights. >> there are definitely a lot of lights eastbound the toll plaza shows light traffic moving at the speed limit but the track westbound over 92 crossing the san mateo bridge is starting to get heavier than normal. it is still moving at the speed limit and looks good but it is building.
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>> at 4:12 in the morning. you would expect the westbound side to be busier and on 880 you probably find southbound 880 packed this time of the morning? >> absolutely. i will come up to the 92 interchange in two miles and i will go northbound on highway 880 to look at the commute on the east side. >> hopefully everyone is driving safely because you could expect a lot of new commuters to the route so than you for keeping us posted. >> for many commuters a race against the clock do get out of san francisco. drivers were returned away at this entrance of interstate 80 before 8:00 and some were frustrated because the shutdown wasn't supposed to start until 8:00. >> we live in vallejo and i am not happy.
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>> this is the first time a bay bridge closure because of construction has included weekdays when thousands commute to work and are preparing to leave the city for the long weekend. the bridge was closed dug the labor day weekend in 2006 and 2007 and 2009. >> with the fanfare of the new bay bridge there is sadness of the closing of the old eastern span. we found bay area natives bidding the old bridge a fond farewell. >> right now everyone is taking pictures of one thing: the eastern span next to the shiny new span, history on the brink of being replaced. >> i am glad we replacing but it is part of my life. >> people are documenting their final drive across the old bridge. the last chance to drive on the span is the last chance to see to view from treasure island where there are cars. in the middle of the afternoon a small crowd of people gathered
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with their cameras. >> i will miss the 1930's trestle-style good old american workmanship. it was state-of-the-art bridge at day. >> it is supported by the world's deepest underwater pier. >> my grandfather helped work on the old bridge. >> knick received the toll receipt. >> i will miss it but i lived through the earthquake and it has to go. >> an entire section of the bay bridge has been lost. >> in 1989, his daughter was not born but now she is waxing nostalgic. >> it has been there since i was a little kid and i have memories >> you have rid were as a passenger, right, not driving, right? >> yes. >> just making sure. >> now it is good time as any to say goodbye.
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>> goodbye, old bridge. >> who knew there could be an impact on fashion? a store in oakland sells this t-shirt featuring the special section working with an oakland artist for the design. sales have increased as the closure approaches so if you want to get in on a new fashion trend the store has shirts featuring the new eastern span. >> and the new eastern span is what you can see, symbolic with the lights on and no traffic. but the lights for the old one are now off. >> it is beautiful to see. we will see what the weather looks like. mike? >> all right. the weather is nice. the traffic is very nice. good morning, everyone, what we have are very clear conditions. dick is traveling along with our cell seven technology riding
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around along the 92 highway if you travel along the san mateo bridge traffic is building with drive time in a moment. i-80 away from highway four to the maize you will not be able to get to the bay bridge but we are at top speed. if you make it to emeryville to oakland and to the san mateo bridge you are in good shape. highway four is moving along fine and if your travels take you out of the central valley to tracy and dublin to castro valley we can see lots of green and that is encouraging and our drive time traffic. westbound along the san mateo bridge from hayward and foster city is 13 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18-minute and over the richmond-san rafael bridge a 13 minute drive so clear out there. that is the forecast. >> good news. what do we have here?
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we have cloud cover and drizzle. the sea breeze picked up from yesterday. 21-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield. it will take the clouds longer to move away over the western section of the bay bridge. clouds are lingering longer, and a tease headed into the holiday weekend because it will not be so bright and it will be cooler. at far as temperatures, 81 in san jose and cupertino and up the peninsula we have mid-70's to 80 and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast to san francisco and south san francisco will make 70 and 72 in sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and manipulate -- low-to-mid 70's on the shore. tomorrow, the temperatures are four to five degrees warmer and we are 5- to 10-degrees cooler sunday and monday. >> the prosecutors in the case
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of joseph naso hope evidence of another victim will lead to a death sentence. we have learned the recent things they can link him to the murder of another woman whose body was found on a remote beach back in 1981. a jury has already convicted naso of killing four women. they will consider the sentence next month. they will hear from the children of three of the victims and his ex-wife who accused him of drugging her and letting men sexually assault her. >> senior white house officials are holding a briefing with congressional leaders on the situation in syria. president obama is awaiting how the united states will respond to the chemical attack on civilians by the syrian government. the obama administration said they would take action against the syrian government without the backing of allies or the united nations. great britain is now backing off a rush to strike. the u.n. security council failed to agree on a resolution
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authorizing military force with the chief leading for more time for dirt -- diplomacy. >> we will cover the bay bridge which is shut down this morning as cruise are ready for the new eastern span. the old span is on the right in the dark. >> and pedal party could making navigation easier. >> outing the stars, celebrities reported to be ready to put on their
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>> good morning, the bay bridge now is closed, the first morning of the five-day period. this is a picture from the eastern end of the span as crews
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are ready, working around the clock to transition from the old span to the new span. >> we are using cell seven technology to bring a look at traffic conditions by taking some of the routes you have to take for the closure. abc7 news engineer is near the airport right now in oakland. what do you see, dick? >> northbound 880 with track northbound and southbound still moving at the speed limit but i can tell you track southbound on 880 up to the 92 interchange where i came from is starting to build heavier than normal. it is still moving at the speed limit and still no congestion but it is the traffic moving a bit heavier. >> thank you, dick.
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>> san jose is launching a bicycle share program. crews have been stocking bicycle share stations with green and blue bicycles in san francisco, redwood city, san mateo, mountain view, palo alto and san jose. 700 bicycles will be available to rent 24 hour as day, $11 million program encourages people to ride rather than drive on short trips. the system goes live at noon today. for more information we have a link at >> a couple minutes ago we saw track on 880 northbound but what about the complete picture, la -- leyla gulen? >> a lot of nothing going on. when everyone is on the roads, though, we will be gridlocked. moving to the saab -- san rafael
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bridge it is top speed at 35 to 40 minutes from concord to san rafael which is not too bad. you are moving along at top speed. lots of green on the map. we will see lots of yellow and red soon. there will be construction northbound and southbound 880 between 280 and forest avenue with lanes blocked and crews are there until 6:00 this morning so watch out for that detour. this is the drive across the san mateo bridge one of your main alternates pushing along in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. it looks misty with moisture out there. mike nicco, what do you have to say? >> i saw miscellaneous on the new route to work a little bit of drizzle on the peninsula. usually it is on the the bridge.
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golden gate bridge shows clouds but they will lower with decreased visibility at 6:30 or 7:00. fremont will be warmer at 80. concord and san francisco are the same as yesterday. oakland and santa rosa, two degrees cooler. in the sierra, airality is an issue in tuolumne county until noon tomorrow. this will be extended which is supposed to expire in 34 minutes for tahoe and reno but looking at satellite from yesterday and the winds, they are blowing the smoke straight up to the north from the rim fire. flash flooding is possible in the high desert in southern california otherwise 96 in palm springs and 100 in fresno and 77 in tahoe. >> this morning, we get a look at who could be on the next season of "dancing with the
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stars" with valerie harper, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer is doing so well she has been practicing with "dancing with the stars" with her partner, the 74-year-old actress is famous for playing "rhoda," and tmz says there will be a reality tv star, snooki, all signing on to take a spin in season 17. >> commuters could be tap dancing trying to get to work without the bay bridge and this is a picture with the toll plaza no cars but if those being used by caltran and c.h.p. we have coverage of the thursday morning commute without the old bay bridge. >> bart is running around the clock to ease the commute. how busy are the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news this is a picture from the first morning commute bay area has to manage without the bay bridge is underway on the left with the new span they hope to open in a few days and on the right, in the middle of the screen in the dark is where the old section of the bay bridge would have been showing no commuter traffic and the bridge closed but crews are busy working to transition from the old span to the any span as soon as possible. thanks for joining us. >> we went on at 4:00 this morning because of the importance of what is going on. we will tomorrow, as well. more bridge news. >> hundreds of crews are working to get the new bridge open.

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